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Dre Williams - Head Fitness Coach




I first got my start in the fitness industry during college; I was eager to have landed a job doing something I felt confident in and was equally excited about helping people reach their body goals. A few years into my career evolution is when I came to truly understand that the individuals showing up to train with me weren't so much in it for the perfect body as much as they were for general wellbeing - mental health and personal growth.

Once I spotted that connection and recognized personal training having the potential to elevate a person’s whole life, that's when I knew I was on the right path; teaching people how to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle, and a happier one too. 

As a personal trainer in Dallas, experienced physical educator and fitness leader in the industry I now currently work with everyone from celebrities and professional athletes to the fitness novice.

The Known Body is an amalgamation of nearly a decade working in corporate gyms; where the policies and politics didn't allow my training style, expertise or inherent understanding of the physiology of fitness to fully reach my clients. I started this fitness lifestyle company to chase my dreams as an entrepreneur and with the knowing that I am offering a service to my clientele that goes beyond the regular scope of personal training; This is about changing lives.


The known body

Our mission at The Known Body is to help you physically and mentally push beyond your comfort zones to reach your goals using our unique fitness, sports science and nutrition programs tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Proven sets of principles utilized together to 

achieve total body optimization. The result, is a bespoke and holistic approach to full-body wellness. We believe fitness is a lifestyle. 

The most integral part of this journey is your dedication to show up for yourself and do the work. If you’re dedicated and committed to sticking to the process, we commit to being there the whole way!




What we're about at The Known Body is functional mobility training. We're getting back to the basics over here!

Incorporating mobility movements into your training is crucial if your goal is to be faster, leaner, stronger. Functional mobility training exercises incorporating both strength and flexibility which increases your range-of-motion and control of the muscles being worked, avoiding injury and working much deeper...this is where the gains happen.​​The structure is personalized training programs, tailored to your specific goals, with guaranteed results.

 Leave your comfort zones at the door, because you're about to level up!



recovery is the most important aspect of your 



Nutrition coaching

If "health is wealth"...then proper nutrition is currency

There's a misconception that to have wellness you have to live a certain way all the time. At The Known Body we approach nutrition in a realistic way. We don't insist on a strict one-size-fits-all diet, there are no 'cheat meals',  and there are no 'bad' foods either; there are only options and healthy choices. Healthy should still taste delicious, Healthy 

should still look beautiful on a plate. Eating well is as much about making the right decisions on what we put in our body as it is our relationship with food. 

Food is more than just sustenance or caloric fuel for your workouts. Food is exciting. A lot of life happens surrounding 

food and at the table; cooking meals with family, keeping traditions alive, bringing community together....It's also

called the 'culinary arts' for good reason; because food can absolutely be art, and pleasure and experiential. 

Initially, implementing proper nutrition and supplements you'll probably notice results reflected in the number on the scale, but you'll feel it sooner than that. Let's talk about greater mental focus and sustained energy....or your gut health and a stronger immune system and healthy looking skin and hair. Good nutrition for better sex-drive! How about for an overall greater sense of well-being while you tackle those daily challenges life throws at you.

I want to coach you on how adopting cleaner, healthier and informed lifestyle habits will create sustainable changes in all areas of your health to compliment your fitness goals. Better eating habits, without dieting and without 

feeling deprived.

Impatient to see those muscle gains? Gotta eat. Desperate to lose weight? Gotta eat! All that time and investment 

spent in the gym is actually pointless if you have a lazy diet. Just as Recovery is the most important aspect of your Training, Nutrition and supplementation is the most important portion of your overall fitness.  

PROGRESSIVE - challenging - FUN - full body wellness - REAL RESULTS




Training Facility:

SandersFit Performance Center

1409  S Lamar

Dallas, TX


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